Well-being of citizens is not always determined by the level of economic development

Why does lifespan in Israel increase while in the USA and Europe it decrease? In Israel a key point of social policy is to invest in health and comfort of senior people. Not only the State itself acts in such a way but it motivates businessmen and citizens to do this as well.

In Israel many seniors are moving to retirement homes not because they have no children or other relatives. Such a decision is made together with the whole family and it is often caused by the necessity to get appropriate care and treatment, especially in case of serious diseases.

The Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western region of Ukraine visited one of these so-called “Parental houses” (Beit avot in Hebrew). In such houses there is a wide range of facilities for comfortable life: TV, Internet, fitness centers, libraries. The olds are constantly under the supervision of doctors, nurses and psychologists.

In Israel there are three types of “Parental houses” for people with different health conditions. Qualified representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Social Affairs help to choose the suitable house for a particular person. If somebody decides to move to another retirement house authorities do their best to find the appropriate variant, without regards to accommodation rates.

However “Parental houses” in Israel are private in general, the State participates in payments as well. The price for accommodation depends on many factors, including the income of both an elderly person and his relatives. Cheaper doesn’t mean worse and if you have medical insurance the accommodation can be even free.

The Honorary Consul believes that despite absolutely different social systems of the two countries, Ukraine can adopt some elements of Israeli experience. “Being the Honorary Consul I will initiate the process of experience exchange in the social sphere between Israel and Ukraine. I am sure that Israeli colleges will support us” Oleg Vyshniakov noted.