We will not be broken down, because we have the strength to live, create and to move on!

"Dobrogo dnya", "Dzien dobry" and "Shalom" - these are the words that marked a start of a miraculous performance of music and dancing . LvivKlezFest has already become a cultural tradition of the city that has millions of visitors from around the world. Great music, Jewish motifs and colorfully costumed dancers fascinated the audience. Lviv citizens as well as the guests of the city had the opportunity to try a variety of treats Jewish cuisine. The motto of the 7th festival was "Jews for peace and unity!" In his official speech Eliav Belotserkovsky, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine, wished all Ukrainian people peace and prosperity. "In this difficult for our country times, we must show the world that we will not be broken, we have the strength to live, create and to move on!" these are the words Oleg Vishnyakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine supported Ukrainian people with during the festival. "I am delighted to welcome you on the festival. Lviv has always been and will continue to be a center of Jewish culture; we can even speak of Lviv as a cradle of Jewish culture. Each of us fights for Ukraine; each of us is making his own contribution in order to make Ukraine a truly strong state. It is not possible to be indifferent to today's events. Ukrainian people are to feel the support of Israel. Currently, the nationality is not important, whereas, the unity is! We must preserve and develop the traditions of our ancestors. The roots are an integral part of the history of each person ". The guests of the festival were also greeted by Adel Dianova, the head of UJCF "Hesed- Arie"; she expressed gratitude to the partners: to the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, the Embassy of the United States and Germany, the Ukrainian Cultural Center, the FEST Company and personally to Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western region of Ukraine for his help in the development and his support of Jewish culture. The words of gratitude were also addressed to the American Distribution Committee "Joint", the Charity Foundation "CharitiesAidFoundation" ("CAF", Great Britain) and to the international public organizations, which have been already supporting the Jewish community of Lviv for twenty years, and are the partners of the festival. The famous musicians and performers from Israel, the US and Europe amused the audience. The group Golem made a professional show and performed really incredible music. Not in vain they are called “Hurricane on stage”: all dance floors of Europe are dancing to their music. Year to year LvivKlezFest gathers pace. Many international artists have already expressed their desire to take part in it next year.