Today December 23, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko within his state visit to Israel gave a speech to the Knesset members.

In his message the President appealed to the leaders, the deputies and the people of Israel assuring them that Ukraine is a good friend and a partner of Israel.

The main purpose of the President’s visit was the intensification of political dialogue and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Israel. "The main purpose of my official visit to Israel is to intensify political dialogue, trade, investment and economic cooperation, to identify the ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in all other fields: cultural and economic”, he stated.

As the President admitted despite the difficult situation and challenges, Ukraine gradually transforms into a unique market and favorable conditions for investment.

Poroshenko assured that "everything is done to create the most favorable conditions for investment and the “open space” atmosphere for business representatives."

The Head of State had highlighted that Ukraine is looking at the experience of Israel, and researching the issue of country developing despite the difficult circumstances. The fight against corruption was named as the priority in the creation of favorable business conditions. As he said, Ukraine would become one of the best places in Europe for investment in next few years. “We believe in the future of Ukraine and we will prove it with our knowledge, experience and money,” he said. The President also mentioned that on December 26 the 24 anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the State of Israel would be celebrated.

Separately, the President stressed the importance of the experience of the Israel Defense Forces for Ukraine. He noted that Ukraine is facing similar challenges that Israel confronted the decades ago. Poroshenko underlined that both Ukraine and Israel would hold out.

According to him the Russian aggression against Ukraine is a war of worldviews. "I want to emphasize that the Russian aggression against Ukraine is not only a war for the territory, Russia has a large area, it is a war of worldviews, it is a war against freedom and democracy. Today Ukraine and Ukrainians protect it, and the Ukrainians die for freedom and democracy ", the President said.

"Ukraine like Israel has a neighbor who denies our right to exist", said Poroshenko. He believes that the Ukrainian people want to see their country among the European democracies, politically free and economically developed and socially successful states. “But we never forget even for a moment that European civilization, the Bible civilization owes its appearance also the powerful Middle East roots. Today Ukraine is an outpost of democracy in Eastern Europe, as Israel is an outpost of democracy in the Middle East.”, said the President.

According to Poroshenko, Theodor Herzl, one of the founders of Zionism, once said that building a great nation needs a great opponent. "Someone in the Kremlin has decided to become exactly the same opponent for Ukraine. But Ukraine does not want enmity. We want peace", the President said.

The consequence of Russia’s aggressive policy, the president considered, became the existence of a threat to the Jewish community in the Crimea.

Poroshenko also said that the Kremlin supported and financed terrorism, not only in Ukraine but also in the Middle East. "The Kremlin regime supported and funded terrorist activities in the territory, both in the conflict zone as in the rest of Ukraine. These methods Russia tests not only in Ukraine but also in other regions of the world, particularly in the Middle East,” the President said. According to Poroshenko, recently imported Russian missle systems S-400 to Syria "can significantly affect the balance of forces in the region."

Separately, the Ukrainian President noted the contribution of the Jews of the defenses of Ukraine. "In opposition to external aggression my state revived its army. Army which in a few months gradually became one of the most combat-ready on the continent - said the President. - In this army the citizens of Ukraine are fighting for the representatives of different nationalities. I am proud of the contribution that Jewish people are make to protect our state," Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko thanked Jewish organizations for the support of the Dignity Revolution and opposed the Kremlin aggression against Ukraine.

The President stressed that now Ukraine expects a clear position of the Israeli authorities regarding the events in the East of Ukraine. "I believe that Israeli politicians formulate their position more clearly regarding the events in Ukraine, taking into account the recent dynamic changes which happened in the Middle East," he said while speaking to the parliamentarians.