On Tuesday, February 02, 2016, Israel's parliament held a meeting of the Honorary Consul of Israel in Western region of Ukraine Oleg Vyshniakov with the Head of the parliamentary opposition, the Chairman of the block "Zionist Camp" Isaac Herzog.

The parties discussed the situation in Ukraine as well as the important for both states problem of terrorism and military aggression. Oleg Vyshniakov assured the Israeli politician that Ukraine supports Israel. This support Ukraine confirms by the vote in the UN.

According to Vyshniakov, Ukraine is of a serious concern to Israeli investors: "Ukraine and Israel perfectly complement each other: there are a lot of projects in Ukraine that may be potentially interesting for the Israeli investors, and Israeli technology is interesting for the Ukrainian companies." He also noted that the Ukrainian infrastructure needs the development and modernization.

In its turn, Isaac Herzog said that the bilateral Ukrainian-Israeli relations are in need of comprehensive development. "I am confident that an agreement on free trade zone will become a good stimulus for the development of relations between our countries", said the Head of the opposition. According to Herzog, the providing of work places for the Ukrainian constructors in Israel can help to strengthen the economic situation in Ukraine, and also will benefit to Israel. In addition, the Head of the opposition said that our countries have the great prospects for cooperation in the fields of IT-technologies, agriculture, tourism, light industry.

Isaac Herzog stressed that we are bound by a common past: "We are linked back to Ukraine, many Israeli politicians are originally from Ukraine: Golda Meir, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Ephraim Katzir, the poets Nahman Bialik and Shaul Chernichovsky." According to Oleg Vyshniakov, Israel is the home for more than half a million of immigrants from Ukraine, many modern Israeli politicians have the Ukrainian roots that makes the relationships between our countries not just strong, but even in some sense related.

Isaac Herzog expressed his desire to visit Ukraine in the nearest future in order to be better acquainted with the situation in the country, and also to see the places where his ancestors lived, Simha and Leah Ambush – the grandmother from the mother’s line - a native of Odessa.

Reference. Isaac Herzog is an Israeli political and public figure, the Head of the parliamentary opposition block "Zionist camp." "The Zionist camp" is the second largest party in the Knesset after the party "Likud" (30 mandates at the "Likud" and 24 mandates at the block of Herzog).

He was born in 1960 in Tel Aviv, in the family of Haim Herzog and Ora Herzog.

Herzog’s father, Haim Herzog is an Israeli political and public figure, the 6th President of Israel.

Herzog’s grandfather, Yitzhak Aizik Herzog, was the chief rabbi of Ireland and Israel, stood at the origins of creation of the State of Israel, played a significant role in saving of Jewish people from the Nazis during the Second World War.