On Tuesday, February 02, 2016, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Ukraine Oleg Vyshniakov held the meeting with the Head of the Finance Committee of Knesset Moshe Gafni.

The parties discussed the situation in Ukraine and the prospects for cooperation between the countries. According to Mr. Vyshniakov the military operations in the east of the country, the difficult political situation hinder the stability of the Ukrainian economy now. In such a situation, Israel's experience in stabilization of the economy in the period of stress can help to overcome the crisis of the Ukrainian specialists.

According to Mr. Vyshniakov, a lot of work was executed for the strengthening of bilateral relations between our countries in recent years. "It is important now to lead the charge: we have excellent prospects for cooperation. The experience of Israel in many areas is important for Ukraine, one of them is the sphere of taxation," said the Honorary Consul.

In its turn, Moshe Gafni said that Israel is ready to hold any consultations and expert meetings for the Ukrainian experts in order to strengthen the bilateral relations. In addition, Mr. Gafni confirmed his intention to hold a joint meeting of the Finance Committee of Knesset and Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which is headed by Nina Yuzhanina.

As Mr. Gafni told the Ukrainian guest, Israel's budget is balanced and does not incur a deficit, despite the fact that Israel, as well as Ukraine, bears the high security costs. In addition, Israel is largely dependent on exports.

Mr. Gafni said that the Israeli treasury receives the high income but also spends a lot. The income tax has not been raised, but it was compensated by the state due to the introduction of new taxes on the extraction of natural resources - gas on the shelf of the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea minerals.

Mr. Gafni said that many Israelis are experiencing the warmest feelings for Ukraine, because it is the home for many religious and political leaders of the Jewish people. "Israel and Ukraine are very similar, our peoples are close. We are ready to support Ukraine in all endeavors," said Mr. Gafni.