On Tuesday, February 02, 2016, the Honorary Consul of Israel in Ukraine Oleg Vyshniakov held the meeting with the Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz.

The Honorary Consul told about the situation in Ukraine: the state finds itself in a difficult situation, when the war, corruption and economic problems had led to the fact that the standard of living in the country fell. The lack of infrastructure and the need for foreign investment are added to this.

Oleg Vyshniakov said that just before his visit to Israel, he met with the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Vladimir Demchishin. Mr. Vyshniakov discussed the possible ways of interaction between Israel and Ukraine’s Ministers for the benefit of both countries. According to the Honorary Consul, though the economic situation in Ukraine is not stable, it creates a unique opportunity for investors. "There is the "investor's time" today in Ukraine, when the owners of the assets are ready to make a substantial discount and are badly in need of foreign partners", said Vyshniakov.

The factors, that facilitate the cooperation between Ukraine and Israel, are the lack of tourist visas between two countries, as well as a large Ukrainian community, the largest in the Jewish state - about half a million people. Thus, from 160 to 180 thousand people from Ukraine arrive to Israel this year, and about the same number of Israelis visit Ukraine.

The Minister of Energy of Israel said that Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe, which takes a friendly position to Israel in the international stage, and that is why it is important for Jerusalem to be friends and cooperate with Kiev in various fields, especially in economic.

Yuval Steinitz said that he intends to invite his Ukrainian colleague to visit Israel to meet with him and discuss various aspects of mutual cooperation. According to Steinitz, the most promising areas for cooperation are the purchase of the Ukrainian coal and construction of gas and coal-fired power plants in Ukraine by the Israeli electricity company. The Minister admitted that due to the busy schedule he himself has not been able to visit Ukraine, but he was thinking about it long ago.