On May, 12 Israel celebrates Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzmaut). Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western region of Ukraine Oleg Vyshniakov congratulated the citizens of Israel:

“On behalf of Ukrainian people and on my behalf I would like to congratulate people of Israel on this holiday!

The emergence of the Jewish state was a natural continuation of the historical struggle for independence, the thousand-year struggle for freedom led to the creation of a strong and independent state. More than half a century ago, Jews around the world regained their home, which honors and cherishes the centuries-old cultural heritage and religious traditions of Jewish people. Today Israel is a bastion of democracy in the Middle East and an example for others.

Israel is a reliable friend and important partner for Ukraine. The basis for the development of bilateral relations between our countries is centuries-old historical ties between Ukrainian and Israeli people. During centuries our peoples lived together because Ukraine was the first historical homeland for many Israelis. At the same time more than half a million of immigrants from Ukraine live in Israel now; many of them have contributed to the development of modern Israel, so good relations between Israelis and Ukrainians are historically predetermined. Now when Ukraine has become an independent state, these relations have moved to a new level. Our task is to contribute to their development and prosperity.

Our nations are linked not only by common territory and traditions, but also by common goals: freedom and peace. Today, both the Israeli and Ukrainian soldiers with weapons in their hands defend the right of their own country to exist, therefore our peoples understand each other so well. Both Ukraine and Israel are paying a high price for their independence.

I am grateful to the Israelis, who have lent a helping hand to the Ukrainians in difficult times for Ukraine: dozens of Ukrainian soldiers received treatment and rehabilitation in Israel, Israelis sent humanitarian aid for displaced persons, share invaluable experience with Ukrainian psychologists, physicians and volunteers.

These facts show the great potential of trade and economic, cultural, humanitarian, scientific, diplomatic relations between our countries. I, as Honorary Consul of the State of Israel, will continue to make efforts to strengthen full relations between Ukraine and Israel.

I congratulate Israelis on Independence Day and wish goodness, peace and prosperity to citizens of Israel!”