Lviv should adopt Israeli experience in safety and development

On 27th of January a working meeting between Yitzhak Carmel Kagan, the Deputy Ambassador of the State of Israel in Ukraine, Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine, and Mr. Sadovyy, the Mayor of Lviv, took place in Lviv.

Within the meeting, Mr. Sadovyy noted that he would like to visit Israel in order to adopt experience on city security and organization of antiterrorist measures. Mr. Vyshniakov and Mr. Kagan promised to facilitate the arrangement of this visit in the nearest time.

The Honorary Consul of Israel in Western Ukraine emphasized the necessity of tourism development both pilgrimage and medical tourism between Lviv and Israel. To accomplish these objectives the direct flight from Lviv to Tel Aviv is required. According to Mr. Vyshniakov, the Ukrainian International Airlines is ready to launch a direct low-cost flight in this direction, but the support of Lviv officials is essential. Mr. Sadovyy promised to solve this issue.

The Mayor of Lviv and the Honorary Consul along with Deputy Ambassador of Israel discussed the opportunities and possibilities of business projects development involving Israeli companies which will contribute to the rise of city economy, creation of new workplaces and will help to employ investors’ funds.

The need for cooperation together with mutual willingness to help that was demonstrated by both Israeli policies and Lviv Mayor gives hope that the implementation of these projects will take place in the nearest future.