Israeli Psychologists help Ukrainian Soldiers

Training for Ukrainian psychologists, mental physicians and psychotherapists on overcoming posttraumatic syndrome was organized under the patronage of the Embassy of the State of Israel and Oleg Vyshniakov - the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine.

A three-day training for 30 professionals working with both soldiers and civilians will be held, in the conference hall of the Cosmopolite hotel in Kiev on 12th – 14th February. The Embassy invited two training managers - Gil Petrov, a consultant psychologist at the Mayor’s office of Haifa and Moti Pikel'ner, a lecturer and a consultant who is also an officer of psychological service in IDF. The lecturers will acquaint students with the theory and practice of psychological help for victims and those participating in military operations.

The State of Israel has great experience in psychological rehabilitation of the military operations participants. Such training seminars for Ukrainian specialists will take place on a regular basis in the context of cooperation between the two countries. In his speech, Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine mentioned: “In this turbulent for our nation times Israel will support and assist the victims of the conflict zone in Ukraine. Israelis know firsthand how difficult it is to overcome the fear and pain of war. The organization of such trainings and seminars, for specialists who will work with psychological traumas caused by war is an important and necessary task. The Embassy of Israel and I, as Honorary Consul, will encourage the development of this program.”