Day of Israel will be celebrated in Lviv

On 15th of March the Day of Israel will be celebrated in the cultural capital of Ukraine – Lviv. The feast is organized by Mr. Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine.

The venue was chosen not coincidentally.

Lviv was the multinational city since its foundation. The Germans, Armenians and Jews were living there alongside with the Russians and Ukrainians.

The first mention about the Jewish community in Lviv is dated back to 1383. Jews played an important role in the city economy, internal trade, banking and development of crafts.

By the end of XIX century the Jewish community of Lviv had numerous synagogues, schools, libraries, hospitals and philanthropic organizations. In 1910 the population of Lviv had more than 25% of Jews (about 60.000 people) and the most of them occupied the liberal professions (70% - lawyers, 70% - members of the Chamber of Commerce and 60% - doctors). About 33% (1.500 people) of total students in Lviv University were Jews. There were several Jewish students’ unions and Jewish scholars were teaching in Lviv University. Lviv was the center of Jewish book printing since the end of XIX century and till the Second World War.

The twentieth century brought the Holocaust and Nazism, repressions of the Soviet system and harassments of numerous Jewish citizens. The Jewish communities and charitable organizations have been reviving in Lviv since the early 90s.

Nowadays the bunch of charitable organizations such as “Hesed-Arieh”, lodge B'nai Brith “Leopolis” works in Lviv. The Jewish newspaper “Shofar” is issuing on a regular basis. There are also such organizations as “Sochnut”, “Hillel”, with youth clubs, “Ha-Shomer ha-Cair”, “Marom”, “Beitar” and the Holocaust Center.

Israel supports Ukraine at this difficult period: Israeli psychologists conduct numerous seminars on training Ukrainian specialists (both civilian and military) who work with victims in the ATO area.

Israel sends humanitarian aid, provides medical aid for Ukrainian solders and plans to open a rehabilitation center for the ATO soldiers in Ukraine, involving Israeli experts and technologies.

Within the enhancement of cooperation between Ukraine and Israel, the official opening of the Honorary Consulate of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine, with its main office in Lviv, will be hold in the nearest future.

The day of Israel will be hold in Jewish Cultural Center under the Honorary Consulate with the support of Mr. Vyshniakov. Within this event the Jewish community of the city will introduce Jewish culture and traditions, present the activities of Jewish communities and organizations to the citizens of Lviv under the patronage of the charitable organization “Hesed- Arieh”.

Within the feast guests will be able to visit a photo exhibition of Israeli Cultural Center, an exhibition of printed publications made by “Sochnut-Ukraine” branch, an exhibition of books written by Jewish authors and get souvenirs with Jewish “Hesed- Arieh” symbolic. On-stage performance groups’ concert will take place at the end of the event.