Jewish issue in Latvia

On 10th of March Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine, had a visit to Latvia. Within the visit, the Honorary Consul conducted a meeting with Andrei Pildegovich, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

Politicians discussed a set of questions, including the current situation in Ukraine and possible aid from Latvia. Being the Presiding country of the EU Council, Latvia has an opportunity to increase attention of European politicians to Ukrainian problems. The Honorary Consul and the State Secretary concurred on the necessity of joint business projects with Ukrainian partners, as well as on enhancement of cooperation in agricultural and humanitarian fields.

The problem of Jewish communities in Latvia was also under the consideration. The problem of anti-Semitism in Europe is becoming increasingly important against the background of recent events in France.

On the question of the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel about the status of this issue in the Republic of Latvia, the State Secretary assured that all social minorities had equal rights and there were no cases of abuse on the basis of national or religious differences in Latvia.

According to Mr. Pildegovich, politicians and public figures make all efforts to build up an efficient dialogue with Jewish communities and organizations in Latvia.

Mr. Vyshniakov and Mr. Pildegovich discussed cooperation between Latvia and Israel. The Honorary Consul and the State Secretary concurred on the necessity of enhancement of cooperation in tourist and cultural programs.