Day of Israel in Lviv: the anthem performed by a children’s choir, national dances and songs in Yiddish

On 15th of March the Honorary Consulate of Israel in Western region of Ukraine and the “Hesed-Arieh” charitable foundation presented a wonderful feast of Day of Israel for the people of Lviv.

The event coincided with the opening of Jewish Cultural Center under the patronage of H.C. Mr. Vyshniakov. “Lviv was chosen as the place for opening of the Honorary Consulate not by chance” – Mr. Vyshniakov pointed in his speech. “The cultural capital of Ukraine is famous for its multinationality, tolerance and hospitality since the day of it was founded and till present”.

Jewish foundation “Hesed-Arieh” organized a magnificent exhibition of books written by Jewish authors and a photo-exhibition on the Jewish life of the city. Everybody was invited to taste national Jewish cuisine.

Little students of Hesed-Arieh Sunday school performed the anthems of Ukraine and Israel. The guests were entertained by the dance group “Jewish miniatures” and musical group “Varnichkes Folk”.

The Honorary Consul presented the unique catalogue “The input of those born in Ukraine into the creation of the state of Israel” to the Jewish community of Lviv.

In his greeting speech the Honorary Consul stressed on the critical importance of development of relationship with Israel in this turbulent times for Ukraine.

“Israel is the country that has been in the state of war during almost all of its history. This country has great experience working on prevention of terroristic attacks, on psychological rehabilitation for the war victims both civilians and military, working with families of killed and wounded. Just as an example – in Israel there is a special group to inform the family about the death of its beloved. Such group consists of psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, social worker etc. They do not give calls or write letters, they come to family in person. Later the family gets psychological aid from social services for 10 years at the expanse of the state.

Sharing such experience with Ukrainian doctors and psychologists is of highest importance. Since last December the specialists from Israel have come here on the regular basis under the patronage of the Honorary Consulate to conduct lectures and training seminars for the Ukrainian colleagues who work with the ATO victims” – Mr.Vyshniakov said.

The Honorary Consul emphasized that intense negotiations are carried on with the Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel regarding possibilities to open a rehabilitation center using advanced Israeli technologies.

“For the moment we are discussing with the Lviv City Government the issue of possible aid from Israel for the safety of Lviv regarding modern warning system and civil defense.

The region needs investments. The Israeli partners are building a plant for mounting of oil production pumps that will bring Lviv region tens of millions in investment and 300 working places” – the Honorary Consul assured.

The official opening of the Honorary Consulate is planned for the 28th of May. Oleg Vyshniakov told the people of Lviv about a pleasant surprise for the opening date starting from the 20th of May the Ukraine International Airlines starts the direct flight Lviv-Tel-Aviv-Lviv. The flight is supposed to be in a “low-cost” format so it will permit to expand the tourist cooperation between Israel and Lviv.

According to Mr.Vyshniakov the opening of the Honorary Consulate is a considerable stage in the relationship between Israel and the Western region of Ukraine.