New agenda for Ukrainian medicine

Currently, the need for changes and refocusing on working with the military is the matter of priority and the most complex issue for Ukrainian doctors. Ukrainian hospitals have no experience in dealing with posttraumatic syndrome. There are also no developed methods of rehabilitation of the civilian, who became victims in the course of military actions.

Israel has the greatest experience in these areas. Israel is a country which is forced to military operations almost the entire period of its existence. Israeli experts considered to be the most experienced in dealing with psychological rehabilitation and posttraumatic syndrome.

People of Israel perfectly understand the psychological state of the Ukrainians, because they also have suffered from acts of terror and provocation. They know how painful it is to see or hear the official remark: “There were civilian casualties”.

Israeli politicians and officials at all levels are actively involved in helping Ukraine.

On 31st of March Mr. Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine, Mr. Belotserkovski, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine and Joseph Baratz, the Counsellor on Health of the Interior Minister of the State of Israel, visited the Lviv Clinical Hospital of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The honorary guests conducted the meeting with the Major General Valentin G. Voloch, the Head of Health care service in the Department of Logistic Support of the State Border Guard Service.

The meeting was aimed at a number of issues: discussion of cooperation between Ukrainian and Israeli experts on medicine and psychology; lectures for doctors to be held by Mr. Baratz. Being a military doctor and Director of Medical Subdivision for scientific research and development of the Armed Forces of Israel, Mr. Baratz has experience in working with victims of military actions.

“The old Soviet model is not suitable in the current context. A new center should be created on the model of those in Israel, serving a large number of people, yielding good results and being economically justified. We have suggested this model to Ukrainian government and if the answer is positive, we could establish cooperation in Lviv, among other Ukrainian cities.” Mr. Baratz emphasized.

According to Mr. Vyshniakov, conducting such psychological trainings and seminars with the assistance of Israeli experts and providing Ukrainian doctors, who deal with the problem of posttraumatic syndrome, with all necessary educational materials, is one of the priorities of the Honorary Consulate of the State of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine.