Israel and Ukraine, similar problems and common interests

Meeting between Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine took place in Tel-Aviv on the 4th of May.

Mr. Vyshniakov and Mr. Lieberman discussed current situation in Ukraine. In particular they deliberated on a matter of humanitarian medical aid from Israel, together with cooperation in agriculture and taking over Israeli technologies.

Mr. Vyshniakov enlightened as to activities that were held with the assistance of both the Honorary Consulate and Cultural Center. These include seminars and trainings for the Ukrainian psychologists who work with the ATO victims, that are held on a regular basis by the Israeli specialists; cooperation with Jewish Funds and public organizations; Jewish holidays and feasts that were conducted in Lviv; introduction of the Jewish traditions and culture to the youth etc. Mr. Lieberman emphasized neutrality of the State of Israel in Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but he also expresssd his readiness to give support and all possible aid to the people of Ukraine in overcoming the consequences of the conflict. Israeli hospitals admit for treatment people from the East region of Ukraine, both military and civilians. There are also talks on the possibility of opening of the rehabilitation center in Kiev involving Israeli specialists and technologies.

Mr. Lieberman stressed that the main task for the politicians is to work for the welfare of the country and its people. Today Israel has problems in formation of a coalition. Ukraine suffers from the similar political problems. Avigdor Lieberman disclosed his decision not to join the governmental coalition and to step down the position of the Minister of the Foreign Affairs. According to Mr. Lieberman, it is impossible to force people to live off scraps and at the same time to expand government. From this point of view the situation in Ukraine is similar to the situation in Israel. “I’m ready to serve the people, working as oppositionist. But I do not want to accede to the current government” Mr. Lieberman said.

Oleg Vyshniakov wished Avigdor Lieberman success in achieving his goals and voiced hope that the political party “Our Home Israel” will continue to be loyal to Ukraine and will help to strengthen and expand cooperation between Ukraine and Israel.

Mr. Vyshniakov invited Mr. Lieberman to the opening ceremony of the Honorary Consulate that will take place in Lviv on the 28th of May. The senior officials of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, representatives of the clergy of all existing in Lviv concessions, public and political figures of both Ukraine and Israel, the heads of Jewish organizations in Ukraine will visit the opening ceremony as well.