How to recover from war

Today a set of trainings, conducted by Israeli psychologists Gila Petrova and Moti Pikelner, began in “Cosmopolite” hotel. There were already 9 such trainings, which were conducted with the assistance of the Embassy of the State of Israel and Oleg Vysniakov, the Honorary Consul of the state of Israel in Western Ukraine.

Israeli experience in rehabilitation of war victims, both military and civilian, is invaluable. “Israel is in the state of war almost all of its history and as the result Israelis formed absolutely different attitude to the human life and person’s rehabilitation after the war. War has colossal harmful impact even on professional soldier’s mind, let alone minds of the civilians, women and children. They could not overcome this without professional psychologists’ help, without proper rehabilitation. In Israel psychological aid for such people is provided not only right after the war but throughout their life” Mr. Vyshniakov said.

“We will make every effort to help Ukraine in this turbulent time. Such seminars for Ukrainian experts will be held on a regular basis as long as they are need” said Itzhak Carmel Kagan, Deputy Ambassador of the State of Israel.

The three-day seminar will be dedicated to such issues as psychotherapeutic methods in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) its manifestation and treatment, rehabilitation of the war victims and relatives of the deceased soldiers, war survival skills.

All seminars are free of charge. Psychologists and psychiatrists from all regions of the country were invited to participate in the seminars.