Lviv-Tel-Aviv – closer, easier, faster

On 20th of May opening ceremony of new regular flight Tel-Aviv-Lviv-Tel-Aviv took place in Danylo Halytski International Airport “Lviv”.

Yurii Miroshnikov, the president of the UIA, Dmytro Shynkaruk, acting Director General of Airport “Lviv”, Oleg Synyutka, the Head of Lviv Region State Administration, Andriy Moskalenko, the Head of Lviv City Council Department and Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine.

According to Yurii Miroshnikov, it’s only beginning of 2015 UIA summer program. Airline Company is going to open direct flights to Odessa, Madrid, Rome and Bologna. Direct flights during the summer will give an advantage for travel industry development in the western region of Ukraine.

“We have done everything in order to “open” the sky”, Mr. Synyutka noted. The Open Sky program started in April 2015. It provides equal and competitive conditions for all airlines companies in the region. Furthermore, it is one more advantage in order to win over international airline companies. “Priority task for today is to show safety and stability of Western Ukraine to the world. This region should be not only beautiful and hospitable but also wealthy one” Mr. Synyutka said in the end of his speech.

According to statistics, almost 500 thousand Israelis have certain relation to Ukraine. Ukraine is former Homeland for many of them; they have friends and relatives in Ukraine. Israelis will visit Lviv and Western Ukraine with great pleasure, and now with the help of the UIA it became easier and more comfortable. The Honorary Consulate and Israeli Embassy are making all efforts to develop cooperation between Western Ukraine and Israel” Oleg Vyshniakov stressed. Honorary Consul gave information on the initiatives, with the help of which Ukrainian tourism is being popularized among Israelis for example promo-tours of Israeli companies, initiatives on attraction of investors and partners for Lviv and Lviv region business. According to Mr. Vyshniakov such direct flights, provided by the UIA, will become a significant step for medical tourism increasing. It is great possibility to show economic and social stability of the region to foreign partners, to attract foreign investors to Ukrainian projects.

After cut the ribbon ceremony officials, policy-makers and journalists saluted the first passengers of the direct flight with cheers. People were a little embarrassed from such big amount of cameras and attention but went into the plane with smiles and Ukraine national flags because now travelling to Tel-Aviv or Lviv became much more comfortable, safer and quite economic.