Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce is ready for dialog with Ukrainian business

On 2nd of July a meeting between Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine, and Uriel Lynn, the FICC President took place in Israel.

Ukrainian economy is going through bad timing. Nevertheless, representatives of Israel business are ready to negotiate with potential Ukrainian partners and to invest in Ukrainian companies and projects. This issue became the matter of the meeting between the Honorary Consul and the FICC President.

Mr. Vyshniakov discussed with Mr. Lynn potential possibilities in cooperation development in Western Ukraine, including development of tourism, agricultural and industrial spheres, educational exchange programs for students and lecturers, assimilation of Israeli technologies in city safety. In order to give more information on Ukrainian market to Israeli business Ukrainian-Israeli Business Forum is to be conducted in Lviv in autumn on the initiative of Mr. Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“Our main task for today is to show that Western Region of Ukraine is stable and safe for investments. Currently, information about Ukraine is conflicting, unreliable and often absurd in mass media. In May, within the opening ceremony of the Honorary Consulate in Lviv, a press tour for Israeli mass media was organized. All the journalists were impressed by good vibes and homely atmosphere of Lviv. There was no nationalism, anti-Semitism or aggression. Lviv is one of the most beautiful European city. Morshyn and Tryskavets are world-famous health resorts that Israelis would be glad to visit. And there are dozens of other areas for Israeli investors. I hope that with your support and with the assistance of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine we will contribute into the creation and development of joint Ukrainian-Israeli projects” Mr. Vyshniakov stressed. The Honorary Consul invited the FICC President to take part in Economic Forum as well.

Mr. Lynn expressed his interest and readiness of Israeli companies to cooperate. He stressed that FICC is currently conducting a dialogue with the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine on cooperation and creation of joint Ukrainian-Israeli projects. The FICC President expressed his readiness to support the initiatives of the Honorary Consulate dedicated to the creation of new joint projects and development of cooperation.