Israel and Ukraine will build friendship between parliamentary committees

Within a working visit of the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine a meeting with Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein, speaker of the Knesset took place in Jerusalem.

The Honorary Consul mentioned that Ukraine is one of the friendliest countries to Israel. According to the Honorary Consul, the Jewish State can be an example for imitation in many aspects, including high tech, development of agriculture, humanitarian sphere and observance of human rights. “Relations between the two countries are to be strengthened at different levels. Western region of Ukraine has great possibilities for Israeli investments”, the Honorary Consul said.

Yuli Edelstein offered to set up friendly visits of parliamentary Committees. Ukrainian MPs will go to Israel and Israeli MPs will visit Kiev.

“It is not very important that these officials present leading Committees only, for example Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. It can be the representatives of Environmental Committee, Committee on the Rights of the Child, Committee on Women Status etc. Important thing is that they should meet with their colleagues from similar Israeli Committees. It will promote sharing empowering experience between them” speaker of the Knesset specified.

According to Mr. Edelstein, such visits will provide interesting ideas and prod officials to think over different lawmaking initiatives together.

Yuli Edelstein noted that there are a lot of joint initiatives of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine and the Honorary Consulate. He also stressed that it is such initiatives that allow different Ukraine-Israeli projects to be implemented.