Honorary Consul of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine: "All efforts are directed to the establishment of a free trade zone between our countries as soon as possible"

Within his working visit to Lviv the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel Oleg Vyshniakov met with the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleg Sinyutka.

Mr. Sinyutka and Mr. Vyshniakov discussed the need of the regular session of Ukraine-Israel Intergovernmental Commission on trade and economic cooperation in Lviv.

In early July the Honorary Consul had a working visit to Israel. There were series of meetings with the country's top leadership – Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Minister of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Speaker of the Knesset, Minister of Tourism, as well as with representatives of public and religious organizations. The officials of Israel expressed their readiness to develop relations with Ukraine. The Intergovernmental Committee meetings in Lviv will draw particular attention of Israeli businessmen and potential investors to the capital of Western Ukraine and Lviv region.

The Head of Lviv Regional State Administration and the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel agreed on the necessity of economic forum between Ukraine and Israel in Lviv as well.

The Intergovernmental Committee meeting will attract Israeli politics, businessmen and public figures to Lviv and economic forum will provide an opportunity to establish contacts between business communities of the two countries.

"Today Ukraine is particularly in need of investment and foreign partners' co-projects. I understand that it is extremely difficult to attract capital to Ukraine in current political situation. However Israel specificity is that our country not just exists but, also successfully develops in a state of constant military conflicts. Israeli businessmen are not afraid of news about the "military actions on the territory of Ukraine." They only need to be sure that in Western Ukraine there is a large number of possibilities for implementation of useful and interesting projects and local authorities aid foreign investors. Every such step, every type of such forum moves us closer to a free trade zone between Israel and Ukraine," Mr. Vyshniakov said in his interview.

At the end of the meeting the Honorary Consul shared his impressions concerning unveiling of the memorial to Sheptytsky with the Head of the Regional State Administration.

In his turn, the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration said: "The presence of representatives of Israel at such events, once again underlines that our peoples share many pages of history. It is of highest importance to develop and strengthen relations between Ukraine and Israel, not only in economic but also in social and cultural spheres."