Children of Ukrainian warriors who suffered during ATO were warmly welcomed in Israel

From 2nd to 12th August a group of children of Ukrainian warriors who suffered while participating in anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine are having rest in Israeli summer camp. These are school children aged 9 till 16. The group consists of 18 people, including eight children from Lviv and ten from such cities in Lviv Region as: Truskavets, Gorodok, Sambor, Morshin, Grogobych. Half of them lost their fathers during the ATO, the rest parents got different injuries during military actions. All kids are in Israel for the first time and many of them have never been abroad before.

The initiative to invite these Ukrainian children to have a rest in Israel belongs to the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine Mr. Oleg Vyshniakov. He is the main benefactor of the project as well. His idea was supported by Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv City State Administration. The Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian International Airline Company facilitated organization of this trip.

On arrival to Israel children were accommodated in youth village named after Dr. Israel Goldstein. According to Oksana Yakovets, Deputy Director of the Department of Social Protection of Lviv Regional State Administration, who accompanies this group of children, the program of the stay in the camp is filled with different kinds of activities.

“The main thing is not to leave children face to face with their problems and to divert from their troubles, Ms. Yakovets said. The other aim is to let them know more about the country, where you can find a lot of historical and cultural places of interest." The program of the stay includes visiting of the holy places, Old town of Jerusalem and the Aqua Park. The children have one hour of English and computer lessons per day and participate in various art events and sport competitions”.

“We are trying to fill all their spare time, so that they are always busy with something," adds Juliana Malofey, the Employee of the Center for Social Service of Family, Children and Youth who also accompanies this group of children.

"Being a father of six children, I cannot even imagine my children to grow up without parental warmth. Every time I hear about the death or injury of our defenders, I think about their families. When our sons, brothers and friends protect us, our duty is to support their families", that is how the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel Mr. Oleg Vyshniakov explains why he initiated the trip for children whose fathers suffered during in ATO area.

"This project, as well as other projects, is aimed at strengthening of our back areas so that it must be a question of priority. I am grateful to the Head of Lviv State Administration Mr. Andriy Sadovyi, the Head of Regional Lviv State Administration Mr. Oleg Synyutka, the Ambassador of the State of Israel Eliav Belotserkovsky and airline company UIA for their assistance in organization of the event”, Mr. Oleg Vyshniakov said.