Israel can help Ukraine to solve ecological problems

Last week within his visit to Isreal, Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Region of Ukraine, had a meeting with Avi Gabai, the Minister of Environmental Protection of the State of Israel.

While discussing ecological issues Mr. Gabai noted that Israel faced a greenhouse effect problem. According to Mr. Gabai, the state is trying to reduce the quantity of polluting emissions into the atmosphere, but the international standards are very demanding. In European countries population rate is almost unchangeable while in Israel this figure increases constantly, as the result much more efforts are needed to cope with greenhouse effect.

Mr. Vyshniakov stressed that the most important questions in the field of Environmental protection are waste recycling and production of alternative (“green”) energy. “Ukraine has to learn how to make money from waste”, he noted and added, “In such case the economy will be developing due to additional cash flows to the budget. In addition the citizens will benefit as well because their country will become cleaner.”

One more topic discussed on the meeting was a possibility of Avi Gabai’s visit to Ukraine.

The Minister expressed his readiness to help Ukraine to establish the contacts with Israeli companies, specialized in waste recycling. At the request of the Honorary Consul he also agreed to delegate a group of specialists from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the State of Israel to Ukraine to participate in international forums and conferences.

The other one important problem for Ukraine is lack of energy. This question was discussed within the meeting as well. “In this field we can find new creative solutions, for example, we can start producing alternative energy using Israeli technologies. We have to look for areas of common interest between two countries. Cooperation in the scope of Environmental protection is mutually beneficial.” Oleg Vyshniakov resumed.