Israeli experience: State’s attitude to its soldiers determines defensive capacity of the whole army

In the beginning of August during his working visit to Israel, Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western region of Ukraine, visited places of residen с e of IDF soldiers. Israeli experience shows that soldiers’ living conditions influence security and defensive capacity of the army a lot.

In Israel within army units there are many so-called “Soldier’s Houses” (Beit Hayyal in Hebrew), that in fact can be compared to not the worst ones Ukrainian hotels.

Soldiers of IDF have no financial difficulties. Being on full material and financial support, every month they receive money allowance as well. Moreover, soldiers in combat troops get doubled money allowance compared to those in back areas.

Single soldiers also get financial aid to pay for utilities or rent. On average, it is about $ 1000 per month.

In Israel each soldier has his own supervisor who copes with all household problems. If any financial problem occurs, neither a soldier nor his family deals with it. Everything is to be solved by the supervisor. Usually, these supervisors are women.

Obviously, it is of great importance for Ukraine to adopt Israeli experience concerning strengthening the defense capability of the country as well as finding ways of development of the country’s economy during war actions.

No less important is to adopt the attitude of the State and society towards the army. For each Israeli army is near and dear. Israelis say that one can criticize everything: government, politicians, prices but not the army!