Lviv and Israel extend cooperation

On 28th of May official opening ceremony of the Honorary Consulate of the State of Israel took place in Lviv.

A lot of officials visited the ceremony in order to congratulate Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul, on this event, including Sergii Kyslytsia, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Eliav Belotserkovski, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel, Genadii Nadolenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, Tali Ploskov, Head of Parliamentary Israel-Ukraine Contact Group, Sofa Landver, Member of the Knesset.

Lviv-Tel-Aviv – closer, easier, faster

On 20th of May opening ceremony of new regular flight Tel-Aviv-Lviv-Tel-Aviv took place in Danylo Halytski International Airport “Lviv”.

How to recover from war

Today a set of trainings, conducted by Israeli psychologists Gila Petrova and Moti Pikelner, began in “Cosmopolite” hotel. There were already 9 such trainings, which were conducted with the assistance of the Embassy of the State of Israel and Oleg Vysniakov, the Honorary Consul of the state of Israel in Western Ukraine.

Israel and Ukraine, similar problems and common interests

Meeting between Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Western Ukraine took place in Tel-Aviv on the 4th of May.

Mr. Vyshniakov and Mr. Lieberman discussed current situation in Ukraine. In particular they deliberated on a matter of humanitarian medical aid from Israel, together with cooperation in agriculture and taking over Israeli technologies.

Israelis will spend their holidays in Western Ukraine

Today, news and stories from Ukraine occupy a significant portion of airtime worldwide. The news is not always happy and truthful. In some countries, information about what is happening in Ukraine is perceived as a terrible television series, something fictional and something that does not concern them personally. There are countries where the events in Ukraine are taken to heart. One of them is Israel.

New agenda for Ukrainian medicine

Currently, the need for changes and refocusing on working with the military is the matter of priority and the most complex issue for Ukrainian doctors. Ukrainian hospitals have no experience in dealing with posttraumatic syndrome. There are also no developed methods of rehabilitation of the civilian, who became victims in the course of military actions.

Lviv region and Israel will cooperate closely for the creation of new rehabilitation center

Therapy of the military, having posttraumatic syndrome, medical staff training on first aid and rehabilitation of the ATO victims are three main lines in which Israeli experts will cooperate with Ukrainian ones.

Day of Israel in Lviv: the anthem performed by a children’s choir, national dances and songs in Yiddish

On 15th of March the Honorary Consulate of Israel in Western region of Ukraine and the “Hesed-Arieh” charitable foundation presented a wonderful feast of Day of Israel for the people of Lviv.

Jewish issue in Latvia

On 10th of March Oleg Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine, had a visit to Latvia. Within the visit, the Honorary Consul conducted a meeting with Andrei Pildegovich, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

Day of Israel will be celebrated in Lviv

On 15th of March the Day of Israel will be celebrated in the cultural capital of Ukraine – Lviv. The feast is organized by Mr. Vyshniakov, the Honorary Consul of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine.